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More Reach

Easily reposition underperforming content to more promising locations. Liberate your content from being tied to a single site. Our Content Distribution Service allows you to place your content on the most suitable and best performing blogs. More...



Has your blog's performance dropped, and you want to be prepared the next time? Stay flexible in times of rapid change. As a ProDuck blogger your content can be moved to another site with just a few clicks or published directly on ProDuck in the meantime. More...


Full Control

Outsource your content without losing control. Blog owners hosting your texts can't claim or modify your content. They can, however, accept or decline your submissions and request changes through internal messaging or chat. More...


Focus on Content

We manage and develop the platform for you, freeing you from tedious IT and SEO tasks. Take advantage of features like markup language, rich snippets, consent forms, product widgets for your own or Amazon products, and comprehensive analytics. More...


Multi-Content Management

Create diverse content such as articles, chats, Q&As, news or deals to inform your follower at their liking. More...


Save Money

Domains, webspace, plugins, analytics tools, etc. – these can add up to a significant expense. Eliminate the clutter of subscriptions and save money by using ProDuck's integrated features. More...

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More reach

Expand Your Content's Reach

Not wanting to be tied to a single niche? ProDuck makes it effortless to write top-ranking reviews across various categories, whether it's a bicycle, a coffee machine, or a robot vacuum. Find the perfect niche blogs to host your content, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. By partnering with established blogs, you’ll see your sales soar.

Blog hosts benefit too – with a surge in traffic, enhanced cross-site conversions, and increased ad revenue. Elevate your marketing game with ProDuck!

Flexibility = Success

Stay Ahead with a Plan B

The rise of AI has transformed the market landscape. Search engines now increasingly prioritize authority sites and user-generated content, making success for informational sites more challenging. AI-generated responses keep customers on search engines, reducing visits to third-party websites. Many blogs are feeling the impact, and this is likely just the beginning.

ProDuck's Content Hub offers a quick and effortless solution. With just a few clicks, you can shift your content to resilient blogs that thrive amidst the changes.

This further allows you to publish in various niches, languages, and styles simultaneously, without the need to manage multiple blogs.

Your Content, Your Decision

Secure Your Content: Keeping Control of your intellectual Property

Content cooperation between blogs is nothing new. However, hosting your content on external blogs carries the risk of losing control over it. There have been instances where authors were banned by site admins, losing access to their content and revenue. Proving authorship and removing content from foreign sites can be a tedious process.

With ProDuck's Content System, you remain the sole admin of your content. You can easily remove your content from any platform. While site owners have the right to depublish content, so can you. Maintain control and security with ProDuck.

Focus on Your Content

Forget About the Distracting Background Tasks

Running a blog involves countless minor tasks that can steal your time and focus. Like YouTube or Medium, ProDuck Content Hub liberates you from these distractions, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters – your content.

Our platform offers a wealth of powerful features, many integrated by default and others customizable to suit your needs. For example, easily embed Amazon Widgets in your texts with your own affiliate tags.

At ProDuck, we stay ahead of the curve. Our system continuously evolves to adapt to new trends, with frequent feature updates to ensure you always have the best tools at your disposal.

Multi-Content Types

Content Tailored to Your Audience

In today's digital landscape, a successful site goes beyond plain text, offering a rich multimedia experience. ProDuck enables you to enhance your content with product widgets, videos and images, and provides diverse content types such as articles, chats, Q&As and news. Deliver your message effectively and leverage rich snippets in search engines to boost your content's visibility.

Save Your Money

Maximize Your Output

Anyone who has hosted a WordPress blog knows that as your blog grows, so do the costs for necessary extensions and upgrades.

With ProDuck, many of these services are included by default. While we can't replace every specialized plugin, we strive to offer an efficient setup that maximizes your investment.

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    What happens if the blog host removes my content?

    If this occurs, your content can still be temporarily hosted on until a new blog host is found.

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    What happens if my content submission is declined by the blog host?

    If your content submission is declined, you will be notified. You can then refine your content and submit it again or search for another suitable blog.

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    What benefits do blog hosts receive?

    Blog hosts benefit from increased traffic, which leads to higher ad revenue, more followers, and enhanced cross-selling opportunities.

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    Does own the copyright to my content, and can they take it from me?

    Similar to platforms like Reddit or YouTube, ProDuck retains the right to reuse the content, but it would be detrimental and against the service's interests to claim ownership or remove it from you.

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    What are the costs of the WordPress plugin?

    At the moment, the WordPress plugin is completely free.

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    Why not simply export and import content between WordPress blogs?

    Exporting and importing content gives the new blog owner control over your content and is much more cumbersome than transferring a post with just two clicks using ProDuck.

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    How can I ensure my affiliate tag is used on external sites?

    Add your Amazon affiliate tag to your ProDuck profile settings and add the new website in your Amazon PartnerNet account. You will be able to see transactions in your Amazon account. Additionally, we recommend monitoring the links on external sites to ensure that other scripts do not overwrite your affiliate tag.

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    Does transferring content with a 301 redirect inherit Google penalties?

    To our knowledge, Google's penalties for bad content are not automatically transferred when moving to a new blog. However, Google may re-evaluate the content, potentially reinstating the penalty and affecting the new blog's ranking. Authors and blog hosts should ensure they offer high-quality content and filter out any potentially harmful material.

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    Are followers notified about both internal and external publications?

    Yes, your followers are notified about all your publications, whether internal or external, at regular intervals.

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